Matilda- October 12,2009

I've just finished reading a book called Matilda by Roald Dahl. I found this book humorous as well as interesting. It's a very enjoyable book and has a good message in it. There are many messages in this book. I think this is the message the author was trying to tell me: Even though we are tiny people compared to humongous people, it doesn't make a difference. Some people don't care about their children and Matilda's parents didn't seem to care about her at all. This book made me feel happy but surprised in the end and made me a tiny bit mad in the middle because of an EXTREMELY mean and rough person called Mrs.Trunchbull. I think this book is a just right book for me because I can understand it and I came across some new words I had never learned before.

A character named Miss.Honey changed dramatically from the starting of the book to the end of the book. Before, she was all timid and feeble. Then Matilda gives Miss.Honey a lot of courage. Matilda helps Miss.Honey a lot by helping her get her house back . Miss.Honey loves Matilda and Matilda loves Miss.Honey so when Matilda's parent's say they have to move to another country Miss.Honey repays Matilda by letting Matilda stay with her. It's a very, very happy ending.

The problem in this story is that Mrs.Trunchbull-the principal- is very mean and extremely rough with little kids. Well that is not exactly the problem but I'll come to it. Matilda is very smart and Miss.Honey tries telling that to Mrs.Trunchbull but Mrs.Trunchbull won't listen to her. Miss.Honey brought Matilda to her cottage and she talked about her life with Matilda. She never had done this with anyone else but she thought Matilda was very special. Matilda understood Miss.Honey. Miss.Honey was a little girl called Jenny when she was young. Her mother died so she only had her father. Her father was a doctor and his first name was Magnus. When Magnus was out, he called Jenny's aunt to babysit Jenny. It was terrible. She was horrid to Matilda, scary, threatening, whatever you name it. One day Magnus died. So Jenny had to be with her aunt from then on. Her aunt treated Jenny like a slave. Jenny did all the washing, cooking, cleaning, all the chores. Jenny never dared to talk back to her aunt. Matilda asked who the aunt was. "Mrs.Trunchbull" Ms.Honey replied and ever since, Mrs.Trunchbull owned the house and Miss.Honey lived in a tiny cottage with 2 stools and a table. That's all. So Matilda helps Miss.Honey with her powerful eyes that can lift things with these invisible hands that pushes and lifts things. At class when Mrs.Trunchbull was in her classroom, Matilda lifts up the chalk with her eyes and starts writing: Agatha, give my daughter Jenny back her house, I'm watching you. Agatha, who is Mrs.Trunchbull's first name, faints and she never comes to school again. Miss.Honey gets her big house back and lives with Matilda.
I think the author should have made more sense because Matilda's parents provided her with food and a bed but at the end they just left Matilda with Miss.Honey so it shows that they didn't really care about Matilda. That means they shouldn't have given her a bed and food because they didn't really care about her. I had some doubts about that.

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  1. Good journal entry - this sounds like a great book. I think that you could of been more detailed in your analysis of the characters. Remember to include character traits, habits and actions. These are the important parts of what makes up a character in a story. I agree with your assessment of the parents. It does make you wonder how authentic they really are.