The Sisters Club- Reading Response Journal

The Sisters Club- November 16, 2009


I have just finished reading a book called The Sisters Club by Megan McDonald. I liked this book because of the message it brought up. This was a pleasant book to read and it was really powerful. I have a lot of connections with this book since I have a sister. My sister is quite different from the sisters in this book although they do have some connections. I think a lot of sisters around the world act like Alex- the oldest sister of the three. They’re really nice but when things at school start affecting their lives they act differently. I can relate with my sister about that for sure. This book is Just Right for me because I can understand it completely but I come across a few words I don’t know. I also liked the plot and could deeply go into the message of the book.


The three sisters Alex, Stevie and Joey have a sisters club. They do all kinds of fun stuff inside there and have meetings. But when Alex auditions for the play “Beauty and the Beast” and her mom gets a new job in a cooking show, things get crazy. Alex doesn’t let Joey and Stevie in her room anymore only practicing her lines because she so badly wants to be Beauty and kiss her crush Scott Howell- The Beast. Alex gets mad at Stevie for stealing her coat and soon It’s time for Alex’s play.


Halfway through the play, Alex breaks her leg after Joey say's “Break a Leg!” literally and so she asked Stevie to do the rest because Stevie had heard Alex reciting the lines so many times it was in her head now. Stevie ends up kissing Scott Towel- as she and Joey called him. Alex was happy and so was Stevie and Joey. Joey was the youngest so I thought she wasn’t very smart and embarrassed Alex a lot. Stevie is the main character and I think Stevie is like me. Alex was much like my sister but even more nicer. My favorite character was Alex because I really liked her personality. I think the message from this book is that your sisters are your best friends you could ever have and that you will always have fights with them, but you can always count on them!




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  2. I understand this book and I understand how sisters depend on each other for advice and help. I have one question why did Alex not let her sisters in her room while practicing for the Beauty and the Beast?