Sign of the Beaver/ December 1st 2009

Matt and his father arrive in the middle of a forest and build a cabin there. As soon as his father set's out to go get his other part of his family, Matt thinks he's all alone. Stupidly, Matt tries to get honey from a bee hive and get's stung all over his body but get's saved by an Indian grandfather named ''Saknis''. When Matt recovered, Saknis brought him to his grandson, Attean. Saknis wanted Attean to be able to read a white man's treaty. Matt would give the lesson's to read to Attean and in return Matt would be provided with food and shelter. Attean didn't like Matt much because he was a white boy. Matt would read "Robinson Crusoe" to Attean and Attean would get highly interested and would tell it to his tribe that night. Throughout the book, Attean and Matt teach each other things. Attean teaches Matt how to fish without getting little fish, get gum from a tree, how to clean the bark from a tree to make that a stick to stick a fish on it and cooking it in the forest without as Attean said "Without, white man's tool's". As both of them meet each other everday, they bond a friendship. Matt get's invited to the Indian tribe for a feast! In the end of the book, Attean find's his manitou so he can become a hunter. Saknis says, "You come with us, you are white brother to us" to Matt. Matt got so honered because he was called "White brother". But he refused to go with them because he needed to wait till his family came back. When Matt's family came, he told them all about the Indian's and when his father told him that they would have neibours Matt didn't really like the idea. That was a sign that he was starting to think like an Indian!

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