Freedom Crossing- March 10,2010

Yesterday, I finished reading a Civil War book called Freedom Crossing by Margaret Goff Clark. This book made me feel so emotional because slaves were treated so badly. This book really grabbed my attention because it was very interesting. I can connect with Laura (the main character of the book) because she had to take a really big risk and if something went wrong, they could end up in illegal trouble with the police. Well, I haven't made that much of trouble, but Laura did it for the good. Sometimes, even without people knowing that I'm doing something good I get in trouble because I'm doing it for the good- I hope I make sense. I think this is a just right book for me because I could comprehend what was being mentioned in the book and also I was really into it. There were a few challenging words but not many which made me able to read the book fluently.

Laura changed the most in the story. Before Martin (young boy slave-12) was helped by Joel Todd and Laura's brother into her house, Laura was pretty much against slaves because her aunt and uncle hated slaves so she disliked-not hated- but disliked black people. At the end of the story, she ends up helping Martin to escape to Tryon's Folley a house that is part of the Underground Railroad because of how she slowly feels really bad for Martin and other slaves. Some of the things that helped change Laura's mind were: Reading "Uncle Tom's Cabin" which really moved her; her brother persuading her to help Martin escape and last but not least, inside, she knew it was the right thing to do.

The problem of the story was resolved by faith and trust. Joel Todd had sent her a note giving hints that slaves were in Tryon's Folly- this was the note.

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