May 10th, 2010- Apple Island or The Truth About Teachers

I finished reading a book a few weeks ago called "Apple Island or The Truth About Teachers" by Douglas Evans. Throughout this book, I felt a bit mad that the teachers on Apple Island wanted to spread 'Operation Misteach' all over the world. That is, by teaching students around the world the wrong facts- basically making the world dumb. This is the stupidest I have ever heard of. Firstly, why bother even trying to do that? It's pointless. According to what I just said, I didn't think that the author had a very good plot. Some parts of the book were repetitive which made the story 'stuck' and boring. I also felt happy for Bradley because he was brave and courage's to save his class from becoming 'crabby'. I don't think this was a just right book for me because it was easy- it didn't have any challenging words. People do many brave things like Bradley does in the book. That connection helped me understand the conflict better.

Bradley changes from the beginning to the end of the story by his attitude. He is very frustrated with school and teachers in the beginning of the book but saves good teachers at the end. He becomes happier and not so moody at the end of the book.

The problem of the story gets solved by Bradley saving all the good prisoners on Apple Island and by him saving people from becoming 'dumb'.

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